Standardization + Visibility = Higher Quality + Profits

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Optimizing Your Construction Business for Profitable GrowthConstruction companies can meet the challenge of ever-intensifying competition by refining their business operations with standardized operating practices and "visible" information that is shared among multiple departments.

When data is not easily or properly shared, it’s not useful. When that data is not accurate, it’s near disaster. For example, if relying on spreadsheets, you’re probably fighting a losing battle.

According to Ray Panko, a professor of IT management at the University of Hawaii and authority in data management best practices: “Spreadsheets, even after careful development, contain errors in 1% or more of all formula cells. In large spreadsheets with thousands of formulas, there will be dozens of undetected errors).”

So how do you know which information is accurate? Can you tell if you lost money on a project? Do you know true job costs? To be profitable, you require accurate and timely data that’s easily visible and shared.

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