New-build Housing: A Question of Quality?

Whilst a good deal of political attention has focused on the need to increase the rate of house building, alongside this are growing concerns about the quality of the houses under development.

The House of Commons report ‘More Homes, Fewer Complaints’ makes a number of recommended changes to the existing building control regime to develop a new quality culture within the construction industry. Part of this includes improving the systems in place to check quality and workmanship.

Join Joe Kendrick, Business Development Manager, and Amit Puri, Customer Success Engineer at Viewpoint for an informative look at how the proposed legislative changes could affect your business. And explore Viewpoint for Field View, awarded 'Best Mobile Technology of the Year 2017' at the Construction Computing Awards and see how it successfully addresses the challenges of Quality Assurance & Control and how you can improve quality whilst enhancing your relationships with your customers.

“Field View makes it so much easier to track when snags are closed out. It allows us to control the program a lot more.”

Colin Draper, Project Director, St George Homes