Mobility Management and Cybersecurity: Best Practices for a Smart BYOD Strategy

With nearly everyone connected to their mobile devices today, it’s no surprise that many contractors are taking advantage of this access to technology to boost productivity. But sharing data on personal devices can be risky. Are the devices controlled and regulated by the company? Are appropriate firewalls and security measures in place? What happens when a device is stolen or lost? Can a company’s data be at risk?

Join industry experts Jason Burns of SphereNY and Mike Dooley of Viewpoint as they share their insights on how to transform mobile security fears into a smart BYOD strategy.

Viewers will learn:

  • Challenges of mobile security in the construction industry
  • How we got here, and what needs to change going forward
  • Dangerous fallacies about data security
  • One speaker’s experience with hacking, and what he learned
  • Why mobile security is more important than ever
  • Best practices uncovered—how to put together a smart and secure BYOD strategy

“Viewpoint has connected our accounting, field, and project management. In the past these were each separate, siloed entities. Now everyone is looking at the same information; it has made us a better company.”

Mark Patterson, CIO, SM Wilson