Webinar: Increase Visibility and Productivity with Construction Specific Software Solutions

15th November 2018, 10AM - 11:00AM AEST

Join us for a webinar at 10AM AEST, 15th November and hear how integrated construction specific software solutions can save you time & money on your projects.

Jobpac Connect by Viewpoint, is industry leading construction management software specifically designed to help Australian and New Zealand commercial, industrial and civil contractors manage their finances, projects and operations more efficiently and more profitably.

Our solutions enable you to:

  • Link project and subcontract data directly to accounts.
  • Monitor any margin variances mid-project.
  • See real-time visibility of project costs, forecasts and working capital across operations.
  • Generate reports in seconds.

“It's been very good working with Viewpoint. It's really our one system that handles everything, from project management, financials, document tracking, communications at the project level, and they've continued to develop as technology changes.”

John Kinsley, President & COO, Kinsley Construction