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Webinar Series: Power-up Your Financial Reporting and Planning Game

Fall Webinar Series with Prophix, Plante Moran, CFMA, and Trimble Viewpoint

About the Series:

Prophix, Plante Moran, and Trimble Viewpoint invite you to join us for this informative 3-part webinar series that will help you up your financial reporting and planning game! We’ll show you how we’ve joined together to enhance financial reporting and analysis, integrations, data centralization, comparative analysis, and forecasting.

Each month we will focus on different construction finance turn-key solutions that help in daily business initiatives.

You can register for one webinar session or the entire webinar series. See below for the full list of webinars offered.

Webinar 1: Supercharging Construction Financial Reporting and Analytics for Trimble Viewpoint 

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Competition is fierce, markets and supply chains are more volatile than ever, and construction firms are looking to finance departments to steer the path for the future of the business. The ability to make fast and accurate decisions is challenging for construction finance teams that are still using manual processes.

Join Prophix, Plante Moran, and Trimble Viewpoint for this joint webinar to learn how so many contractors have been able to make critical business decisions—and better plan for the future. We’ll show you how the Prophix Financial Reporting and Planning platform for Trimble Viewpoint allows contractors of all types to easily see and react to changes happening daily in their business.

You can look forward to a world with:

  • Your business-critical financial reports in a fully automated, web-based environment
  • Self-service, click & drag reporting—no formulas or technical knowledge needed
  • Informative dashboards that allow for powerful ad-hoc analysis on the fly
  • Direct integration to Trimble Viewpoint’s ERPs (Spectrum, Vista, and ProContractor) with on-demand updates
  • A scalable solution that grows as you grow

Webinar 2: 200+ Industry KPIs to Help You Run a Better Business

Date: Tuesday, October 18, 2022 at 11:00AM PDT


Prophix, Plante Moran, and Trimble Viewpoint have worked with the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA) to convert their annual Financial Survey and Benchmarker data into over 200 KPIs you can measure against and track your business performance.

This webinar takes your processes to the next level, and enables finance teams to measure themselves against their peers, gain deeper insights, and identify areas to drive even greater performance.

Join us and see how you can incorporate CFMA Benchmarker data into Prophix dashboards, while also integrating data from Trimble Viewpoint, HR, CRM, and PM tools.

Webinar 3: Job Cost Forecasting for Pros: Increase Profitability and Improve Accuracy

Date: Wednesday, November 16, 2022 at 11:00AM PDT 


This third and final webinar takes a more detailed approach to forecasting within your organization, and provides the tools and knowledge to enhance your ability to forecast—and decrease uncertainty in your planning process.

During this webinar we’ll cover:

  • Industry best practices in job cost forecasting
  • Tips on how you can pave your path to success
  • Any questions you might have

Join Prophix, Plante Moran, and Trimble Viewpoint to learn how you can enhance your forecasting techniques with Prophix while also integrating data from Trimble, HR, CRM, and PM tools.

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