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November 2020

Viewpoint For Projects Takes a Major Integration Step

Andrew Brennan - Product Manager EMEA

We’re very busy at Viewpoint laying the groundwork for even greater integration between our products and the wider Trimble ecosystem, with the purpose of bringing you a world class suite of construction specific software solutions...each piece best-of-breed in its own right, with connected and integrated workflows that offer incredible and unmatched advantage to your construction focused business.

I believe we’re uniquely placed to deliver unparalleled value in this area, as I’m pleased to announce another major stride on the Viewpoint platform.

Viewpoint for Projects (VFP) is preparing a transition to a dedicated authentication service for logging into the platform. This “ViewpointID” service will put VFP users on equal footing across the platform; establishing a springboard for seamless integration across other connected products, as well as benefit to our customers with Single Sign On and Active Directory federated services for better user management. In preparation, we need to partner with you on a few actions.

As the UK’s most used Common Data Environment solution (NBS BIM Report 2020) with a very strong global reach, we are custodians of over half a million user accounts in the construction space. These accounts need to be compliant for migration in two ways:

  1. The username on the account username must be a verified email address
    We suggest that this be a business email domain or work related address. If you currently have multiple accounts, the system will ask you to merge them into one. You can still maintain multiple “VFP Profiles” to separate your access to multiple Enterprises/Projects should you wish to.
  2. The password must be of sufficient complexity.
    Your new password must be 10 characters in length, contain upper and lower case letters and include at least one special character. This requirement supersedes the current VFP Password Policy, which will become redundant at migration.

This account readiness is part of a phased approach to the eventual migration to ViewpointID.

Due to the size of this undertaking and the significance of the construction supply chain collaborating on Viewpoint For Projects, we’re allowing plenty of time to catch occasional users to help get their accounts compliant, as well as having contingency methods in place to ensure that no one is left behind.

To you, our customers and partners, thanks in advance for your alliance with us in this effort — we can’t wait to reap the benefit with you together.

Many thanks,
Andrew Brennan

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Andrew Brennan

Product Manager EMEA

Andrew is Product Manager for Viewpoint in EMEA. He has over 20 years experience in IT, with the last 9 of them at Viewpoint in the construction software space.