The Cybersecurity Brief - How sound security practices can better enable your business

Tuesday, May 24, 2022, 11:00 AM PDT

Cybersecurity attacks are not new, but it’s hard to go a day without hearing about yet another attack, and the construction industry is not exempt. Good data security is an integral part of keeping your business alive and well.

Join our Trimble Viewpoint security experts Ryan Johnson, Director of Cybersecurity, Eric Vasbinder, Strategic Manager Customer Digitization, and Kevin Roberts, along with our special customer guest Tom Kieran, V.P. Finance & Accounting at Innovative Construction Solutions for this informative webinar. They’ll be covering key learnings from some of the biggest cybersecurity attacks, best practices for protecting your company, what’s new and coming from Trimble Viewpoint in the way of security, and you’ll get to hear firsthand from Tom about their recent ransomware attack.

During this webinar you’ll hear:

  • Facts and figures around the construction industry and cybersecurity.
  • Real life stories of construction companies getting hacked and lessons learned.
  • A firsthand ransomware attack experience from Tom Kieran of Innovative Construction Solutions
  • About vendor security assessment processes and other supply chain due diligence.
  • How to securely maximize your investment from infrastructure and API connectivity benefits

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