Join Us for our 3-part Webinar Series! | Trimble ProjectSight

Join Us for our 3-part Webinar Series!

Project Management thought leadership webinars hosted by Trimble ProjectSight.

Project Management thought leadership webinars hosted by Trimble ProjectSight. 

Whether you are actively shopping for a PM solution, analyzing your existing solution’s effectiveness or simply curious about PM solutions, this webinar series is for you. 

Join our panelists from RSM US, Palmer Consulting Group and Trimble Construction as they discuss what to look for in a new PM solution that will best fit YOUR needs. Together, our panelists have years of experience specific to the construction industry and project management so they can appreciate your organization’s culture, pain points, and requirements. 

Register for one session or the entire webinar series. See below for the webinars offered in this 3-part series. Can’t make it?  Register anyway to get on our list to view the webinars on-demand after the live event. 

WEBINAR 1: Getting Real: Is Project Management Software Worth It?
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What’s driving YOUR need for change? Outdated Software? PM software no longer effective? Company Growth?

In today's fast-paced digital world, having knowledge of project management software is essential for success, especially in the construction industry. Whether you are an IT professional, a project manager, or a CFO, understanding project management software and its applications can be critical to your company’s success.

Selecting a new, or upgrading your existing PM solution, means undertaking a change management initiative—and adopting the right PM software that can deliver a scalable, connected technology stack can be crucial to your company’s financial success.

Our panel of industry experts as they discuss how not all PM software solutions are created equal and provide you with valuable insight on what to look for, questions to ask, and key areas to focus on when selecting a new, modern PM solution.

No sales pitch. No demos. Just expert advice. 

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WEBINAR 2: Debunking Implementation Myths and Misconceptions
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Our experts know that managing a construction business can be extremely tough without the right project management tools and software. Fortunately, many modern PM software solutions can incorporate everything from budgeting to managing deadlines and can be implemented with little to no downtime - when done correctly. 

However, despite the many benefits of modern PM software, many are deterred by the myths and misconceptions about implementing a (new) PM solution. That is where our expert panelists can help.

Using real experiences, our panel of experts will help you make a smooth transition by providing you with relevant tips that they have learned over the years on how to maximize the efficiencies of PM software - from the start.

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WEBINAR 3: Building a Connected Project Management Solution 
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Let’s talk about the importance of connecting core software solutions. 
In order to deliver on time and on budget, you need to connect your PM solution to other core business solutions such as an ERP or even another PM solution like Procore. A connected construction PM solution allows your teams to work with real-time data in a centralized location, making it easier to manage change orders and track profitability. 

We are excited to have our expert panelists, share their experience of connecting their PM software with their ERP and the benefits they have achieved. Furthermore, we’ll have a Trimble product expert participate in the discussion to demonstrate how project management and finance teams can easily access the same cloud-based data from anywhere, at any time.  

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