Driving Quality in Construction with Continuous Improvement & Technology

Quality has been a talking point for many years within the construction industry. However, recently the need to address quality issues has moved into the public domain. It is evident that the construction industry as a whole can do more to tackle quality inconsistencies and, in turn, reduce rework and associated costs.

Andy Almey, Director of RED Jam, shares how he has been working with specialist glazing contractor and Viewpoint customer RED Systems, utilising digital technology to drive continuous improvement throughout the organisation to improve quality and produce efficiencies and cost savings for the business.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • A case study approach to tackling quality in construction
  • Adopting a culture of continuous improvement
  • Using technology to drive quality improvements
  • Using real time analytics to make informed decision making

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Viewpoint has been totally integrated into the fabric of our organization... Through implementing the many features... we have streamlined several processes... Viewpoint Support is always there to answer my questions no matter how big or small in a timely manner and point me in the right direction.

- Kimberly M. Weikert, IT Director - Kinsley Construction, Inc.

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