Integrated vs. Stand-Alone: The Difference is Clear

Considering new Project Management software? Read our guide to the four key differences between integrated and stand-alone solutions.

When seeking a new Project Management technology, you're faced with a big decision: to purchase a stand-alone solution or to replace your core financial and project management systems with an integrated solution. Stand-alone solutions offer compelling functionality, but lack the ability to easily share resources and information with financial system. And using middleware to sync your stand-alone PM and financial solutions can increase cost and impact reliability.

So how do you know what's best for your organization? Learn more about the four major differences to consider when comparing integrated and stand-alone solutions in our free guide.

“It's been very good working with Viewpoint. It's really our one system that handles everything, from project management, financials, document tracking, communications at the project level, and they've continued to develop as technology changes.”

John Kinsley, President & COO, Kinsley Construction