Fully Integrated Productivity Software for Large Contractors

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Vista by Viewpoint

Vista™ by Viewpoint captures the data from operations and feeds it into a single database where real-time reporting shows accounting exactly how the business is performing. Simplified data entry delivers accurate accounting information throughout your company.

  • Efficient multi-company and inter-company processing
  • Securely track valuable employee information - training, skills, awards, grievances, safety history, and reviews
  • Comprehensive regulatory reporting, including EEO, Certified, DOT and OSHA requirements

Our complete suite of integrated applications for complete construction management is built on the contemporary Microsoft .NET Framework using the SQL Server database for timely reporting of critical data that benefits your entire company from accounting in the home office to managers in the field.

What Viewpoint Construction Software can do:

  • Full integration of business units including, Accounting, Project Management and Operations
  • Superior technology that provides stability as the industry evolves
  • Flexible user interface that increases efficiency
  • Collaboration that facilitates communication and decision-making
  • Document management that streamlines operations